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Minding The Arts

Minding the Arts is fiscally sponsored by the Peace Development Fund (PDF) – -  a 501(c)(3) public foundation with offices in Amherst, MA and San Francisco, CA. 


Minding the Arts creates and supports art based educational programs both within and outside of the United States. Currently, Minding the Arts helps sponsor The Integrity School located in Namibia, Africa.

The Challenge

Children are expected to possess a basic level of readiness when they begin grade one at age six or seven, yet many are not adequately prepared.  Due to the lack of home learning, rarely have they been formerly introduced to the alphabet, numbers, and colors. This pre-academic disadvantage is a significant problem, as studies have shown that the formative years of early childhood development are instrumental for future learning. 

The low quality of education in the entry levels (preschool, kindergarten, and primary schools) deprives students of the foundation for a formal education and the capability to perform in line with the government’s educational standards. 

Our Vision

We strongly believe that one of the solutions is to have well-established pre-primary and primary schools across the country working closely with the government to raise the overall learning curve. As such, The Integrity School is committed to providing quality education at the foundation and primary levels for all children regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, or social or economic status.

We seek to enable our students to become self confident, vision-driven individuals with the ability to empower their lives and the community at large.  We are confident that the school will not only create jobs, but also contribute to improvement of the social and economic development of the people of Ongwediva and the country as a whole. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to fill the gap in the current educational system by providing a positive learning environment that encourages students to develop problem-solving skills through hands-on activities. In recognition of the diverse ways students learn, we incorporate visual, auditory and kinesthetic components into all lessons.

The Integrity School adapts a state curriculum with focused supplementary teaching and learning materials to complement the government’s educational standards. Heavy emphasis is placed on Math and English at the primary level. These are the most vital subjects, and yet Namibia’s current educational system has not produced a high percentage-passing rate in the Northern regions of the country. 

Currently the School has five pre-school classes, one for three to four year olds, two for five year olds, and two for five to six year olds, two first grade classes, two second grade classes, and third grade class.  In January of 2013, we will add another third grade as well as a fourth grade class. Experienced local and international teachers provide a safe and enriched educational atmosphere, using images, educational games, books, and  group activities. We are laying the groundwork today in anticipation of the progress of tomorrow. 


Minding The Arts and The Integrity School